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Open Doors


The symbol of an open door holds a lot of meaning. We chose this name to represent opportunity, possibility, and accessibility. ​We keep these ideas in mind as we build communication skills through authentic relationships and evidence-based practice.

  1. Opportunity: An open door can symbolize a new opportunity or a chance to make a change. It represents a path that is available to us if we are willing to take it.

  2. Possibility: An open door can also represent a realm of possibility or potential. It may suggest that there are many different directions we could take, and that we have the freedom to explore those options.

  3. Accessibility: An open door can symbolize accessibility or inclusivity. It represents a welcome and an invitation to enter a space.

What doors can we open together?

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Lindsay Cha, MA, CCC-SLP

Lindsay is a neurodiversity-affirming speech-language pathologist who takes a strengths-based approach. She works with a wide range of clients who have different communication needs. Therapy is always person-centered and focused on functional outcomes related to family and client goals. Lindsay is PROMPT trained and has taken additional continued education in DTTC to support clients with childhood apraxia of speech. She is trained in natural language acquisition (NLA) to support gestalt language processors.

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